The atmospheric encapsulation technology (polyurethane / silicone / epoxy / acrylate), together with rapid prototyping (3D printing), extrusion, injection moulding and other plastic technologies, offers new potential for the development of special customized products. There are new possibilities for the LED market, but also for other businesses where haptics and visual uniqueness are important, that previously seemed inconceivable.

We support you at the beginning from the development, or take over completely. We evaluate the right chemistry, considering to color temperature, thermal management, effects to your electronics, and all the details which are important for your LED . We produce your samples and pilot series, and if you like, also the full serie. The transfer of a stable process into your production by our staff would be an alternative.

Of course we also have a portfolio of our own developments, which can be used by customer. Our vision is to revolutionize the individual lighting Business.

Leave the competitors behind, use our know-how from 15 years LED-casting & plastic knowledge, and use the access to our network. You will find solutions for:

Colourshift of LED´s
Border relations between polyurethanes and your electronics
Compatibility of plastics from injection moulding, extrusion & co.
Thermal management for your electronics
Chemical resistance
and similar!