Suppliers control

Our supplier control:

Selection of material and supplier
Extrusion, injection moulding, 3D-printing, component manufacturing, metal mould making and more
Check compatibility of the components for the endproduct
Quality release of finished parts and assistance with problems
Benchmarking - Stay up-to-date with your products!

In addition to the extrusion of thermoplastic semi-finished products, which we independently develop and manufacture or purchase externally according to your specifications, there are a many variations of semi-finished products, components, accessories and much more, which you need to create a complete innovative product.

Every lighting manufacturer has already purchased plastics, possibly light-scattering Polycarbonate (PC) or Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) covers. If you want to offer the customer a modular system, you need more. Endcaps, cables, lenses, carrier systems – plastics are irreplaceable. While the complexity of a cover is still relatively low (Caution here too, problems can occur!), the overview can quickly be lost in large projects with many components. The rule: “Only use one material, then everything will be alright!” works only until you realize that not every plastic material works in every process.

Therefore it isn´t possible for us to produce all plastics ourselves. The variety of process technologies is big, the material selection – incredible. There is the right material for every application – let us find it and select the right partner. 

The supplier control is our work order. Our network of partner companies has grown over years. Trust it.